Digitalização bancária é tendência durante e pós-pandemia e deverá atingir mais da metade a população mundial até 2026, segundo estudos.

It is not something new that the coronavirus pandemic affected many industries from many different segments.

To continue doing business during the social isolation period, many companies saw in the digital transformation process the perfect solution to provide security, commodity and satisfaction to customers.

In the bank sector this was no different, according to the “Digital Banking: Banking as-a-Service, Market Transformation & Forecasts 2021-2026” survey from Juniper Research.

More than half of the population will use a digital bank in 2026

According to the survey, the companies’ need to accelerate their digital transformation journey to keep themselves competitive and aligned to the “new normal” of customer service took large banks to innovate in services and in the customer experience.

In order to bring greater convenience, simplicity and agility to an era of increasingly digital and immediacy consumers, not only large banks but also smaller ones quickly joined the digital trend.

According to a survey, this quick adhesion to the digital can be justified due to the fact that 53% of the world population will be using a digital bank in the next five years, achieving about 4.2 billion users.

New consumer habits impact banking digitalization, according to experts.

Experts explain that the great adhesion to digital payments methods is a post-pandemic trend, being mainly justified due to the ecommerce increase during the quarantine period.

Surveys from PayU revealed that Latin American e-commerce grew by more than 50% during the pandemic, according to the E-commerce Brazil portal. In the case of Brazil, the growth is 40%.

According to these professionals, technology is already part of the consumer’s routine, who are looking for immediate and accessible solutions to perform tasks such as supermarkets and payments.

Between January and April 2020, for example, right at the first effects of the pandemic, banking transactions carried out by individuals via cell phone grew 22%, with a drop in the same period of 53% at agencies, according to data from Deloitte.

In view of this scenario, the survey from Juniper Research suggests that banks progress through banking digitalization so they are not left behind by more agile and revolutionary competitors.

Once more, it is clear not only the importance of banks providing digital services, but also of companies adopting digitals and integrated solutions that allow payments via mobile devices and applications.

Brazil leads Bank Digitalization in Latin America

Talking about Brazilian companies, the adoption of banking digitization and digital payments becomes even more relevant given the fact that Brazil is the LATAM leader in banking digitalization.

Among the reasons that justify the Brazilian leadership, stands out the fact that the Brazilian population is the most connected to social networks. With 88% of Brazilian Internet users as users of social networks, the population confirms itself with a digital profile, extending this behavior to banking services.
According to the FEBRABAN survey of Banking Technology 2021, bank transactions via cellphone have passed 50% of the operations done by Brazilians in 2020.

In addition, it is worthy to remind that Brazil is the first to experiment the WhatsApp Pay, a modality that allows bank transactions between WhatsApp users, due to the fact that the country is the largest community connected to the social network.

Once more, the data presented made clear how consumer’s behavior can impact the services digitalization and highlights the need of companies to invest in solutions focused on CX to guarantee the success in customer service in a highly competitive market.

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