Ad Issuer

The IVR DNK solution offers a set of additional modules that bring expert resources. One of these additional modules available is the DNK Ad Issuer.

The DNK Announcement Issuer allows IVR DNK to issue announcements at strategic points in the navigation tree. The announcement can be an urgent message, a promotional message, or general notices.

It is a flexible, simple and useful tool, where through the web access all ad issuing operations are performed (activation and deactivation of the advertisement, scheduling, uploading and downloading of advertisements).

The announcements can be inserted at any time, for example: at the beginning of the IVR service, before the call is transferred to a specific service group and at the end of an error call.

What sets our Ad Issuer apart from others

  • The placement of Ads in the navigation tree is defined by the customer, at the points that are desired.
  • The Ad Issuer is very simple to use, through WEB access, for each ad an audio message is associated and scheduled.
  • An Ad is played according to the Ad schedule and prior scheduling.
  • Advertisements are industry standard WAV format phrases that can be recorded by the customer himself.
  • An announcement can also be recorded directly by the IVR.

Main benefits

Marketing Leverage

The Ad Issuer provides great flexibility to customers to “switch on / off” the dissemination of promotional messages in the IVR according to the conditions of the business, bringing an important benefit to marketing.

Customer Service Optimization

The communication of special messages also generates savings by correctly informing the customer about a certain situation, preventing them from resorting to in-person service points.

Improving the Customer Experience

The Ad Issuer provides the dissemination of urgent messages and important notices by providing information and guidance to the client on special situations, thus collaborating to improve the client experience.

Cost Savings

The prior definition of ad issuance points avoids spending on emergency changes in the application of IVR and brings flexibility, generating savings in amounts spent on IVR development.

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