Brasil é líder LATAM em digitalização bancária e estudos indicam que esta será tendência no pós-pandemia para atender as necessidades do consumidor digital.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changed consumer’s behavior, encouraging the adoption of digital in a large scale and speed.

In the financial field, this impact was no different: banking digitalization is increasingly consolidated in Brazil – leader in the sector among Latin American countries – and everything indicates that this will be a trend in the coming years as a way to meet the needs of the digital consumer.

Coronavirus pandemic boost payments through digital applications, says a research.

Data from the “State of the Digital Bank of Latin America” report conducted by Comscore, reveals that bank digitalization and financial trends gained prominence during the coronavirus.

The survey revealed that only in the first months of 2020, digital banks experienced exponential jumps in total visits, reaching almost 200% in Brazil.

According to the survey, the main motive that justify these trends in Latin America are the social isolation in order to contain the pandemic. In addition, content of a financial nature has multiplied considerably on social networks.

Also according to the survey, the financial category presented a 128% growth of interactions on Instagram, 77% on Twitter and 34% in Facebook when comparing March 2019 and March 2020.

In front of this scenario, banks and financial organizations saw in payments apps and digital wallets the perfect solution to give continuity to business and, at the same time, improve customer experience through a practical, fast and convenient service.

Consumer’s behavior: New consumption habits impact bank digitalization, according to experts.

Surveys from PayU reveal that the latin-america e-commerce grew in more than 50% during the pandemic. According to the E-commerce Brazil Portal. Talking about Brazil, the growth is 40%.

Experts claimed that the new consumption habits – as well as the bigger use of mobile devices – as a way for clients to adapt to the “new normal” directly reflect on the increase in banking digitization.

According to them, technology is already part of the consumer’s routine, that seeks for immediate and accessible solutions to make tasks like market or payments.

Between January and April 2020, for example, right after the first effects of the pandemic, banking transactions carried out by individuals via cell phone grew 22%, with a drop of 53% in the branches in the same period, according to data from Deloitte.

Soon, data presented above highlight the need of companies to rethink their strategies and invest in digital and integrated solutions as a way to continue giving support to clients and guarantee an excellent service, even from a distance.

Brazil is LATAM leader in Bank Digitalization

The Comscore report has also concluded that Brazil leades the Bank Digitalization ranking in Latin America countries.

According to the survey, some motives can justify the Brazilian leadership. Among them, stands out the fact that the country is the most connected on social media. With 88% of Brazilians as social media users, the population confirms itself with a digital profile, extending this behavior to banking services.

According to the FEBRABAN survey of Banking Technology 2021, bank transactions via cellphone have passed 50% of the operations done by Brazilians in 2020.

In addition, it is worthy to remind that Brazil is the first to experiment the WhatsApp Pay, a modality that allows bank transactions between WhatsApp users, due to the fact that the country is the largest community connected to the social network.

Additionally, the survey has concluded that fintechs and digital banks have been increasingly consolidated in the Brazilian market, creating an ecosystem that competes for the attention of the digital customer.

According to the FintechLab of 2020 report, it is estimated a volume of about a thousand fintechs and financial efficiency initiatives operating in Brazil, in a context where Pix and Open Banking drive unprecedented competitiveness in the digitization of the national financial system.

The data made clear how consumer’s behavior can impact the services digitalization and highlight the need of companies to invest in solutions focused on CX to guarantee the success in customer service in a highly competitive market.

Bank transactions via applications is a post-pandemic trend.

From the Comscore survey, experts conclude that bank digitalization will even be a post-pandemic trend.

According to them, the internet popularization in Brazil, with almost 75% of the population connected to some social network, highlights the fact that the digital is already part of Brazilian’s reality, including with regard to banking means.

Data from the Brazilian Association of Credit Card and Services Companies reveal that, only in the last year, payments through digital means achieved R$1.38 trillion. There were 16.3 billion transactions, of which R$ 306.9 billion in non-face-to-face purchases, according to the Mercado & Consumo portal.

Still, according to experts, the country has more than 240 million smartphones, representing a market with great digital potencial that cannot be ignored and one consumer really open to technological evolutions.

It is worth remembering that 1 in 4 consumers had already used chatbots in customer services and 69% claimed to be satisfied. Besides that, 77% of consumers want disconnected purchase transactions to evolve into a unified experience.

With new era consumers increasingly adapted and immersed into a digital environment, once again it is clear the need for companies to rethink the way they do business, through the adoption of digital and integrated (omnichannel) solutions that interact with consumers in the contact channels where they are present.

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