Call Routing System

With expertise in maximizing results and meeting the needs identified in each client, DNK Infotelecom offers the solution that serves 98% of the companies that use Call Center, IVR, Auto Dialer and Call Recorder, the Call Routing System.

The Call Routing System is a complete solution composed of five modules: Call Center, IVR, Auto Dialer (optional), SMS and Fast Rec DNK call recorder. The Call Routing System aims to manage the system, with interactive and customizable interfaces that provide speed and clarity of information, allowing the customer to enjoy all the facilities and mainly to follow in real time the entire operation thus generating the income that his operation can provide with quality and focus.

Unified Communications (UC)

The Unified Communications concept (UC), allows you to have a unique experience when it comes to the visibility, collaboration and unification of technologies on a single platform.

The results are surprising, since the implementation of a solution with this concept generates a change in performance from its professional team that expands to its business, involving customers and other stakeholders in an effectively positive way.

Within the same platform, you have all the applications necessary to carry out your business from the beginning to the end of the operational and commercial process. There’s a full range of apps, such as voice, video, web collaboration, mobility and call center, meaning that it is a complete solution for your communication with total system management through numerous reports available.

Main Benefits

Cost savings

Increased profitability

Increased collaboration

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