In an era focused on satisfying consumers that are increasingly multi-connected and immediacy, ensuring excellent customer service is essential.

In a highly competitive market, the focus is satisfying the customers’ needs through excellent customer service.

With the new era consumers increasingly demanding, multiconnected and immediate, selling a quality product or service is not enough anymore: it is also necessary to provide pre- and post-sales support through a humanized, personalized and integrated service (omnichannel).

Surveys from NTZ Intelligence revealed that 88% of Brazilians seek information online before making a purchase, according to the Live Marketing Portal.

In face of this context, a satisfying and unforgettable customer service experience during all their shopping journey becomes even more important and increasingly becomes a priority for companies. That’s what Gartner’s studies indicate.

Customer service: investing in technology is fundamental to improve the customer experience

Conducted between May and June this year, the survey brought together 89 executive leaderships to evaluate how technologies are being implemented in companies, the value that they add to service organizations and future bets relate to the theme.

Among the technologies mentioned, case management, consolidated agent desktop, internal collaboration tools, online account portal and unified communications currently provide the greatest value to customer service leaders.

According to experts, the emphasis on these technologies can be justified due to the fact that they support both the optimization of operations and customer service.

Through these technologies, it is possible to manage the operations status in a simple and remote way, optimizing any bottleneck in internal operations and customer service.

Besides that, repetitive tasks can be automated, reducing the waiting time for each call and enabling contact center operators to engage in more complex activities.

The fact that communication is unified also allows for continuous omnichannel service available 24 hours a day, regardless of the contact channel chosen by the customer.

In face of the facts mentioned above, it is clear the importance of omnichannel and intelligent technologies to serve the customer’s demands and provide better experience and value to them.

The most valuable technologies will be the ones with focus in the customer

When questioned about the technologies’ bets for the next two years, the experts from Gartner were unanimous in mentioning technologies that revolve around the customer as the most valuable to companies.

According to them, self-service digital platforms, such as URA, and the understanding of the customer behavior through data analysis will be crucial so that executive leaderships understand how clients interact with different digital channels in order to retain them and improve the CX during the service.

The projection can be explained due to the fact that most of the respondents see the investments in data analytics as an investment in the improvement of their self-service capabilities.  

According to the respondents, previous challenges with data analysis result, mostly, from the lack of them or the difficulty in transforming them into actionable insights that can be used in decision making.

However, they affirmed they are overcoming these challenges and predict that the biggest increases in value over the next two years will come from technologies that analyze and leverage customer data.

Once again, it is clear the importance of investing in smart technologies – mostly the ones that issue real-time reports – as well as data analysis to better understand and meet consumer needs.

Guidelines to have success in customer service with the technologies’ help

As the technology panorama grows, Gartner recommends that customer service and support leaderships, responsible for the strategy and leadership of service and support, take steps to ensure the success of the service.

  1. Analyzing the service main objectives, understanding the customer preferences and behaviors through a complete analysis of the market to, thus, select and prioritize technologies for investment;
  2. Collaborate and coordinate technologies with other functions, such as IT, marketing and finance, in order to understand existing plans or technologies and their perspectives, and identify areas of coordination;
  3. Gather data on customer behaviors and experiences to identify the current and potential role of technology in the customer service journey;
  4. Estimate the performance of existing technologies by evaluating usage, cost, customer experience, rep experience, and strategic relevance, as well as your commitment to market trends.

DNK is number one in customer service solutions focused in CX

Aligned with the market trends and needs, DNK offers the best solutions for Call Centers and Contact Centers, being specialized in the development of high-performance products and solutions for companies in the area.

The use of last generation technology combined with a team of experienced professionals, leads DNK to constantly innovate to transform the experience of customers and partners with their consumers.

DNK values excellence in customer service providing their partners tools and platforms with innovative and customizable functions in order to guarantee a satisfying and unforgettable CX.

 With DNK’s services and products, the customer service is provided through an integrated omnichannel platform, which connects all service channels (whatsapp, voice, web, chat and others) with fast recovery of client’s information and data, in order to offer a complete and satisfactory management of the client journey with differentiated results and in compliance with the standards required by the LGPD.

 The company is recognized by the market and awarded for solutions and successful cases. Champion of the “Best self-service Solution” category in the XXI Modern Consumer Award and winner of the silver trophy in Client SA 2020 Award in the category “Leader in Innovation Strategy”, in partnership with a client, DNK understands that a well-attended customer is the secret for the successful of the service. 

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