Para estar de acordo com a LGPD e manter dados internos e de clientes em segurança, executivos preocupam-se em adotar medidas eficazes de cibersegurança.

Besides the social isolation, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic brought a series of new habits and changes on the way to continue business. Between them, the bigger internet consumption and the migration to the home office system.

Researches pointed out that, at the beginning of the pandemic, 43% of Brazilian companies adopted the home office system. Besides that, projections estimate that home office adoption increased 30% in the country after the pandemic.

However, although well accepted by around 8 on 10 executives, the digital increase due to the home office and the constant search for information related to the pandemic, made digital criminals take advantage of the lack of security on home networks to leave victims.

Brazil has registered more than 20 billion cyber attacks only at the beginning of the year.

Researches revealed that only in the first half of 2020, Brazil had suffered more than 26 billion digital cyberattacks.

Phishing campaigns, cyberattacks that capture personal information, as passwords and credit card data; fraudulent promotions and fake news campaigns are among the most common forms of attack.

This way, measures of digital security (cybersecurity) become the top worry of executives’ leaders.

Cybersecurity: Risk management is a priority for executives, according to research.

Tendency during and after coronavirus pandemic, cybersecurity is the executive’s main worry inside a company.

Such a trend, however, contributes more and more for a bigger search for professionals of the area that have experience in risk management, a fundamental requirement for most employers (70%).

Researches revealed that, after the pandemic, network security and information security are among the top 10 global IT priorities. Before the pandemic, only 20% of global leaders had these factors as priorities.

Besides that, 50% of businessmen are making their teams aware about the importance of adopting digital security measures.

Other surveys from IT global companies showed that 86% of executives intend to raise cybersecurity standards at their workplaces, and 50% are increasing the budget on investments in the area willing to control possible digital risks and threats.

This way, make more and more evident the constant increase in the number of leaderships that invest on team and cybersecurity training. These investments are, mostly, to guarantee client’s data protection and also for companies to already be aligned with the standards required by the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), scheduled to come into force in May 2021.

DNK and MyCena innovates in cybersecurity solutions for call centers and contact centers.

Aligned with the market’s needs and news, and with the objective of guaranteeing innovative solutions for mobile devices and contact centers with even more protection, DNK and MyCena sign partnership to offer totally security solutions for contact centers.

DNK is a technology company that offers smart and modern solutions for contact centers. With the mission of renovating and simplifying the relationship between clients and companies, with last generation technologies, innovative functionalities and professionals with great experience in the sector.

The company offers the best on cloud call center solutions, providing maximum security of client’s data and information and guaranteeing quality and excellence in customer service.

MyCena is an English technology company with a complete cybersecurity solution, especially when talking about credentials protection.

Thanks to its Access Method to Stored Structured Data, patented and fully plug-and-play technology, the company transforms devices (mobile as smartphones or desktops, in case of call centers) into a “digital fortress” for companies, protecting users and clients of vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks.

This “digital fortress” consists of 3 steps of security (gold, silver and bronze), where only the responsible for the device can have access to the information through a combination of digital impression, facial recognition, pin, lock pattern and voice phrase, all these cryptographed with AES-SHA 256 stored locally.  

The solutions work with systems, applications, network resources, IT resources (like database, web portals, servers), IoT (internet of Things) devices and even future 5G devices, and so on; being the best option for the security of companies and call centers due to the fact that is a simple to use solution, easy to implement and with a highly competitive price.

MyCena Desk Center: DNK and MyCena announce the launch of a solution specialized on protecting call centers and contact centers companies against cybersecurity failures.

The MyCena still counts with the MyCena Desk Center. The platform, already available in Brazil, is about a business version of the MyCena’s “Digital Fortress” only for desktops, providing to the user series of benefits.

The solution completely eliminates the need to create, view or type a password and provides the solution for a long-term problem in complex environments with multiple systems, that requires strong passwords due to the sensibility of the manipulated information.

Besides that, the MyCena Desk Center provides an adherent and cost/benefit solution that solves a long-term problem in complex environments that deal with sensible data and has many systems with high-security passwords.

Understood the importance of adopting cybersecurity measures at home office, MyCena made a webinar talking about the risks of cyber attacks in home office and which are the better solutions to prevent them.

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