Apesar dos avanços tecnológicos, os consumidores estão cada vez mais exigentes e imediatistas, optando contatar empresas via telefone.

It is not something new that digital transformation revolutionized the way companies relate themselves with their clients.

Every day, new communication channels emerge, forcing companies to extend their respective digital presence to expand the reach of customer service, differentiate themselves from the competition and satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding and multi connected consumers.

However, besides technological advances and the many available options, telephone is still the customers first option when it comes to contacting a company.

60% of consumers prefer to use the telephone to contact companies.

The telephone calls went back to be part of the consumer journey, according to a survey made by PhoneTrack and released by the Metropolises portal.

According to the survey, made in 2020, 60% of consumers prefer to contact a company by telephone after they done an online research. The value, justified by the global propagation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic represents an increase of 195% when compared to the year of 2016.

Despite technological advances, experts believe that the trend will convert even more during the next few years.

Companies need to organize themselves to attend customer calls, according to research.

The PhoneTrack survey also concluded that, despite the increase of telephone calls, the companies need to better organize themselves to answer the high demand of calls, once that 20% of the calls made by consumers are not answered.

According to experts, the number of missed calls can reach up to 50%, depending on the sector. Besides that, most part of missed calls occur during the week, between 6 and 7 p.m. and on Saturdays.

It is worthy to remind that the customer service calls increased 44% during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey from NeoAssist, released by the TI Inside portal.

It makes it clear the need of companies to optimize their call centers and invest in solutions that help the agents to deal with the high demand of calls.

Purchase Decision: 70% of mobile searching ending in telephone calls.

By the study, it was possible to notice that the great quantity of consumers that have smartphones directly impact in the increase of the calls amount.

According to the report, with smartphones in hands, it makes it even more easy for customers to do online research.

Experts explain that more than 40% of online searches on google are for local business. Besides that, 70% of these searches end in a phone call from the moment the consumer decides to make a purchase.

The data shown above, once more, evidence the need of companies to search ways to optimize and potentialize the service customer.

The phone becomes the connection between online and offline”, says an expert.

According to the CEO of PhoneTrack, Marcio Pacheco, data reveals that 28% of consumers call a store or company after doing research at their cell phone.

According to the expert, it is common to appear on Google and social media ad’s, like Facebook, directing the public to make a call. Therefore, the phone starts to connect digital channels with offline channels.

Pacheco explains that the number of calls after research on search sites increased 139% during the period of coronavirus quarantine.  

Consumers increasingly immediate

Through the survey, it can conclude that the customer journey is more and more deep in a digital environment, worthy of the called “new normal” of customer service. However, the use of phones has won an important role in the advanced stage of purchase process.

New consumer habits and profiles are requiring an integrated communication. The need and even the wish to conclude soon a purchase explain this change of behavior.

“The consumers are even more immediate, not having patience to fill forms and wait for an unpredictable return. It is then that the phone comes, once that a simple phone call can solve the problem”, claimed Pacheco.

Other studies confirm the immediacy of the new consumer, such as a survey made by Zendesk in 2020.

According to the survey, 66% of consumers prefer to use the phone when it comes to solving problems.

On a market with fierce competition, companies that invest in phone tracking come out ahead.

“Companies that know how to prepare and benefit themselves immediately from the new digital consumer, through technologies like phone tracking come out ahead”, highlighted the CEO of PhoneTrack.

Through artificial intelligence, the technology allows to register and analyze phone call data received and missed.  

Together with the Speech Analytics the solution allows to analyze with precision each word spoken and create samples of consumption pattern and make analyzes on the quality of the service provided.

This way, companies that invest on phone calls register solutions that highlight themselves from others, once that is possible to transform the contain of the registers into analysis and knowledge. With that, it is possible to know why the clients are calling, how they are attended and how to improve the consumer experience.

DNK is number one in solutions for call centers with a register of phone calls.

DNK offers omnichannel solutions to Call Center and Contact center, being specialized in the development of high-performance products, solutions and services for companies in the area.

The use of last generation technology combined with a team of experienced professionals, leads DNK to constantly innovate to transform the experience of customers and partners with their consumers.

 DNK values excellence in customer service providing their partners tools and platforms with innovative and customizable functions to guarantee a satisfactory and unforgettable CX.

With DNK’s services and products, the customer service is provided through an integrated omnichannel platform, which connects all service channels (whatsapp, voice, web, chat and others) in a humanized way, with fast recovery of client’s information and data, in order to offer a complete and satisfactory management of the client journey with differentiated results.

The company is recognized by the market and awarded for solutions and successful cases. Among the victories that mark the DNK journey is the recognition of IVR DNK as the “Best self-service Solution” category in the XXI Modern Consumer Award.

DNK understands the importance of voice (Speech Analytics) to guarantee excellence in customer service and constantly innovate through the union with strategic partners, like PhoneTrack.

The solution offered by DNK in partnership with PhoneTrack presents a great cost benefit, once that monitor voice data during the client attending, generating insights, agility on the attending and guaranteeing the customer satisfaction.

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