Fax Server DNK

The Fax Server DNK was developed from the IVR DNK VP7S, where all the IVR resources are present, such as: telephony interfaces, database integration, CTI integration, management and the IVR resources themselves. With that, the Fax Server is customizable to meet the needs of each project.

The fax transmission can be an image (TIF, JPG, PDF) or a document assembled from an image, composed with data obtained in a database. It can be transmitted in batches according to a mailing or on demand and on a scheduled basis. At the reception, the documents received are scanned (TIF, JPG, PDF) and can be cataloged and classified according to A / B number or through IVR prompts (agency and account number, ID number…). Documents can be stored on a server or distributed via email.

Main Benefits

Multiple file formats

Gain agility and efficiency in customer service

Customizable according to the project

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