Knowing how to take advantage of the resources provided by WhatsApp is an excellent opportunity for CEOs to enhance the customer experience during service.

With the consumers increasingly used with the use of technologies, like WhatsApp, to perform daily tasks – especially during the coronavirus pandemic – migrating to an online service that offers speed, practicality and convenience has become essential for companies that want to stand out from the competition and remain competitive.

Surveys made in 2021 and published by Affde, revealed that WhatsApp had more than 2 billion active users per month in all the world. Only in Brazil, the number of active users using the app was 108,4 million.

In this scenario, knowing how to enjoy the resources made available by WhatsApp, is an excellent opportunity for CEOs and companies to improve the customer experience (CX) during the service.

Service experience: What is it and how to exceed customer expectations?

Before we go deeply about how companies can improve the customer service via WhatsApp, it is fundamental to make the definition of service experience clear and what to do to exceed customer expectations.

The service experience consists in the unfolding of the relationship between companies and their customers. It is one of the customer’s journey touchpoints – path taken by consumers until they decide to complete the purchase.

Soon, guaranteeing that the customer experience is satisfying and of quality is fundamental for companies. Is this experience that will build and guide the relationship with the customers.

Such affirmations can be proved from some data obtained by global customer trend reports. According to these reports, 75% of consumers are willing to spend more for a better service. Besides that, 50% claimed that they stop consuming a brand after a bad experience.

It’s up to the companies, therefore, not only to ensure that the customer experience is satisfactory, but also to exceed their expectations. But, how to do this?

Exceeding the customer’s expectations

Anyone who thinks that providing quality service is synonymous with exceeding customer expectations is wrong. Especially because, in an era where the consumer is increasingly demanding and with increasingly high expectations, this is the “basic”.

It is necessary that companies go beyond and step out of their “comfort zones”, providing personalized and 24h online service, fast problem’s resolution, among others.

 A tip that can be interesting is to study the possibility of providing a gift or a personalized discount during or after the support.

Talking about the service experience in WhatsApp, taking some points into consideration, like the integration of the messenger with the customer support software, for example, can be strategic for CEOs and leaders to exceed their customer’s expectations.

5 tips that all CEOs must consider to provide a good service experience via WhatsApp

1. Invest in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a resource from WhatsApp focused especially at companies.

The app allows companies to create business accounts and make various organization information available to their customers. Some examples are: address, opening hours and product catalog.

Besides that, the modality has many functionalities that make the daily life of the person or responsible team easier.

  • Tags: Allows you to organize contacts to find them easier. For example, it is possible to create a “new client” tag and put it in the contacts that make part of this group.
  • Quick answers: Allows sending messages used with frequently with only one click.
  • Automatic messages: Through it, it is possible to set a welcoming message to the customer and/or a message to inform them that the company is closed.

Another reason for companies investing in the WhatsApp Business is due to projections that estimate that 80% of sales interactions between buyers and suppliers will take place via digital.

It is still worth remembering that the app use has grown 251% in the last year and the tendency is that its use grows more and more – especially with the recent launch of WhatsApp Pay, a service that allows to make payments and bank transfers between the app users.

2. Offer an agile service

In the digital area, agility is a fundamental factor to provide a good service experience, especially via WhatsApp.

Zendesk surveys revealed that 65% of consumers want to buy from companies that provide fast and online service.

In this context, it is fundamental that service agents be aware of the messages to answer them as soon as possible. Depending on the amount, answering with agility can become a great challenge. However, this is one of the factors that makes WhatsApp Business the best choice for businesses.

It is possible to have a considerable productivity gain when setting the automatic messages and the quick answers adequate. Also, it is possible to offer feedback to a greater number of requests.

3. Invest in Chatbots

Despite the WhatsApp Business functionalities mentioned in the topics above provide several benefits, they have limitations.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to be online 24h or handle an excessive volume of messages. Because of that, investing in smart and humanized chatbots is an excellent strategy.

The chatbot is a smart robot program capable of providing a service experience similar to that of humans. Its advantage is always being available to answer the customer instantly.

Making a chatbot for WhatsApp is not easy, but it’s also not complex. The great challenge is building dialogues able to develop natural and fluid conversations, so remember to constantly train your chatbot with machine learning.

4. Ask customers for feedback

The best way to understand how the service can be improved is asking directly to the customers. So, don´t be afraid to ask customers for constructive feedback.

Customer’s opinion is vital to improve the service experience via WhatsApp. The ideal is that this opinion be requested at the end of the service, by sending personalized messages.

It is also possible to set a text as a quick answer so your submission is just one click away.

5. Integrate WhatsApp Business API with a support software

One of the advantages of WhatsApp Business is that, in addition to the application, it provides an API.

In a simplified way, this consists of a set of programming codes that allows the application to be integrated with another system.

Therefore, it is possible to provide an integrated (omnichannel) and more efficient service, with chatbots automation, access to conversation history and relevant customer information, personalized messages, etc.

DNK is number 1 in the market in omnichannel solutions with integration to the WhatsApp API

Aligned with the market needs, DNK offers the best solutions for call center and contact center connected to the API of the main social networks and applications, like WhatsApp. To do that, the company counts with the use of last generation technologies and with a team of experienced professionals.

In addition to maximum excellence and security in customer service, DNK values compliance with the standards required by the General Data Protection Law. To that, the company provides their partners with tools and platforms with innovative and customizable functionalities, with the option of storing data in the cloud, which considerably reduces the chances of information leakage.

DNK cherishes excellence in customer service, providing their partners with tools and platforms with innovative and customizable functions in order to guarantee an unforgettable and satisfying CX.

With DNK’s products and services, customer service is humanized and performed through an integrated omnichannel platform, which connects all service channels (WhatsApp, voice, web, chat, among others) with fast recovery of customer’s data and information, in order to provide a complete and satisfactory management of the customer journey with differentiated results.

The company is recognized by the market and awarded by their solutions and successful cases. Champion in the “Best Self-service Solution” category, through the URA DNK, at the XXI Modern Consumer Award and winner of the silver trophy at the Customer SA Award 2020, in the “Leader in Innovation Strategy” category, in partnership with a customer, DNK understands that a well-served consumer is the secret to successful service.

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