Saiba quais medidas são fundamentais para garantir a excelência do atendimento omnicanal e proporcionar uma inesquecível experiência do cliente.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) global propagation brought a series of changes for companies of most variety sizes and sectors. Between them, the customer experience (CX).

With the increase of omnichannel and digital transactions in order to continue doing business, the differentiated experiences of customer service become to be prioritized both in retail and in the industrial and services sector.

This way, makes it fundamental to be aware of the latest service trends and invest in solutions and guidelines that guarantee an unforgettable and satisfactory customer experience.

Service quality is fundamental for a good customer experience.

Surveys revealed that 80% of companies believe that they are providing an amazing experience to their clients during the service. However, only 8% of clients agreed that these experiences are really exceptional.

Increasingly demanding and multi connected, the new era consumers, called omni consumers, hope that the promises made by brands of products and services will be really fulfilled.

Besides that, the customer experience is so important that 42% of consumers do not return to the store if the purchase experience wasn’t satisfactory, it doesn’t matter the purchase channel.

This way, to answer the consumer’s high expectation, it is necessary to worry about the omnichannel service experience and which points should be improved to bring positive results for both client and company.

Guidelines to improve the customer experience on omnichannel service.

With the increase of online and multi connected service, it is important to be aware of measures to offer a quality omnichannel service and achieve excellence on customer’s journey.

1. Be convenient to the consumer

We live in an era where the consumer is multi connected and looks for agility and commodity. If the client is unsatisfied with a brand, he will probably look in one or more devices for a company that offers the same service as the first one, as soon as possible.

This way, to survive in an increasingly digital and competitive market, companies need to be prepared to receive promptly and efficiently the service requests in the most different communication channels.

2. Understand the client’s problem and look to solve them with empathy

One of the basic principles for good customer service is empathy. It is not enough to listen to the problems presented by the client. It is necessary to put yourself at his place and show yourself dedicated to solving his problem in a practical, fast and satisfactory way.

To make these understanding easier, invest in constant training and motivate your team through effective and fun strategies, like gamification.

3. Always look to satisfy your consumer

The constant search for improving omnichannel customer service is essential to guarantee the service quality.

Besides focusing on fixing problems, the brands should create forms of surprising the consumer and guarantee their satisfaction. Remind yourself that the way of attending the client will dictate your business successes. 

4. Provide an individual and personalized service

Although looking for an integrated, fast and satisfactory service, the new generation consumers want to feel special and be treated like humans.

This way, invest in smart solutions with humanized service and constantly train your chatbot to give personality and individuality to the service. These characteristics are essential to provide a quality customer experience.

5. Guarantee that the service is fast and efficient

The technology can be an excellent ally so that companies of customer service can manage the high demands of requests.

This way, be aware of the latest trends on the market and invest in smart solutions that provide an integrated, fast and efficient service.

DNK is number one in solutions for omnichannel service

Aligned with the market latest trends and aware that the omnichannel service will be one of the post-pandemic legacies, DNK provides the best solutions for call centers and contact centers.

DNK constantly innovates to transform the clients and partners’ experiences with their consumers.

With DNK, the service is realized through an integrated and omnichannel platform, which connects all the service channels, with fast recovery of client’s data and information.

Besides that, it is possible to assist the client with integrations of app mobile, phone, SMS, chat, totem, web, social media and email.

All the DNK’s solutions are customizable according to the needs of each company, willing to provide a complete and satisfactory management of the customer journey.

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