How does the affective memory of the consumer work and what can be done to make the customer experience positive and impactful?

Providing an unforgettable Customer Experience (CX) is the dream of any company that wishes to become a reference in the market.

However, experts claim that providing a good experience is not enough anymore. It is necessary to understand the customer memory to build a whole experience process and arouse the desired emotions.

But how does this affective customer memory work in practice and what can be done to make the customer experience positive and impactful?

How does memory work in remarkable experiences?

According to experts, one of the rules to know about how memory works is understanding how people remember an experience. It is necessary to understand how they felt at the moment that the emotion was stronger and how they felt when the experience was over – two important moments for the brain’s definition of how that memory will be stored.

When talking about mapping the customer experience journey, it is important that your business makes clear where the peak of emotion occurs during the interaction with the customer, as well as how the customer should feel at the end of the experience. These emotions are determinants to increase (or decrease) the chances of customers becoming loyal to your brand.

According to Antimo Gentile, CEO of DNK Infotelecom, for a company to create the memories they want in customers, it is really important to arouse the right emotions, directing actions.

“A tip that I give to my team – and I see many leaders doing the same – is asking themselves strategic questions to better trace this path”, says Gentile.

According to the DNK’s CEO, these questions are:

Which experience I am trying to deliver to my customer?

Understanding which is the experience that your brand wishes to deliver to customers is fundamental.

“A team leader needs to have this definition extremely clear so that everyone on the team works to achieve the same objective. Saying that, it is necessary that the entire team is aligned so that the delivery truly has a positive and memorable impact for customers.”

Which emotions am I trying to arouse?

As mentioned above, during a CX experience with a company, there is a moment called the peak of emotion, that is, the most intense point of the customer’s feeling with your company – being positive or negative.

Gentile explains that it is at this point that the emotion is stored forever in the customer’s memory.

“The big X of the question is: which emotions do we want our customers to associate with us? Certainly, we want them to remember positive things about our brands, which have a connection with the brand positioning and the message we want to convey to the market”, he explains.

How can I consistently deliver these emotions?

“We don’t know exactly how a customer thinks. We need to put ourselves in the customer shoes and go through the experience as if we were the customer and see at which part of the journey, we are arousing the emotions that we wish the customer to feel and where we need to work to improve”

Gentile explains that this process can be associated with good personal work, which can be done in parallel. According to him, this action is really important to actually map all the feelings and thoughts that a customer has in relation to a company’s purchase journey.

According to him, these questions, together with good practices, are fundamental to offer a shocking CX.

Guidelines for companies to offer a shocking customer experience

Now check the best tips to provide an unforgettable experience to your customers.

1.Choose which kind of memory you want people to have about their experiences.

Different strategies impact and generate different kinds of memories. In face of this, executive leaders and CEOs need to know what they want for the company and apply the right strategy to achieve that goal.

Is it more important for you that your customers remember the experience they had in general or remember specific parts that they can share with other people?

2.Strive to make every experience unique.

People are used to remembering the first time that good things happened with them, like for example, the first trip alone. However, the third or fourth times are often forgotten.

According to experts, it is here that you should question yourself. Am I doing things to try to make each experience unique for my customers so that they continue to remember my brand positively?

3.Know how to reconcile the excitement with the maintenance of your customer’s expectations.

In an increasingly digital world, with delivery options in a few hours and many companies offering the same product, it is not something new that customers are increasingly demanding and with even higher expectations.

In face of this reality, it is worth remembering that, If you develop the customer experience to the point where you cannot deliver on your promises, you are sabotaging your own results, that could be well succeeded.

In addition, your business will be also disappointing its customers, as you do not meet their expectations.

4.Project an experience that reinforces positive memories.

Consumers do not choose buying from your brand based on the CX that you have provided. They return based on the experience they remember your brand provided.

5.Don’t forget to also consider the post-sale

Every company that is looking to be a reference in CX, is used to make satisfaction surveys to obtain feedback about how well the customer did and understanding how it impacted their experience.

However, when we receive positive feedback, it makes us happy but we don’t do anything with it. We don’t take advantage of this moment of ecstasy to make this client promote our brand even more and get the message across.

There are many opportunities to experiment with communication channels, omnichannel tools and messaging strategies to help them better remember the experiences they had, thereby encouraging them to build loyalty to your brand.

6. Remember that the endings are essential

Many companies’ sins by not planning a conclusion for the experience to arouse feelings like happiness and satisfaction and, following, to build a way to reinforce them with customers.

It is necessary to think about that and invest in this last step of the customer’s journey. After all, your brand has already made a great effort to deliver a wonderful experience. We don´t want all that to be for nothing, right?

It is because of that, that we should know how the memories are created and why it is essential that your customers have good memories about your services or products.

With deliberate planning, the right kind of customer experience design and the right training, you and your team can improve customer’s memories about your product or service, which can be the right thing to bring them back to consume more of your products and really make them loyal to your brand.

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