Investir em soluções de atendimento humanizado e personalizado é fundamental para oferecer um suporte individualizado e fidelizar clientes multiconectados.

Although the clients are more and more multi connected in front of the new “normal”, caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, investing on humanized service solutions becomes fundamental.

Even spending even more hours on the internet and making online purchases, the shopping experience is so important for the client that almost half (42%) doesn’t return to a store if the service and post-purchase process wasn’t satisfactory, it does not mattering the purchase channel.

Other surveys revealed that 68% of clients would pay more for a service or product if they were better served. Besides that, 77% wish that the disconnected purchasing transactions evolve to a unified experience.

Soon, knowing how to assist technology with humanized service is essential to stand out from the competition and ensure an excellent experience for your customer.

How to serve the customer is what will dictate the success of your business.

The new “normal” came to confirm that the consumer era arrived to stay.

At the same time, however, with the constant acceleration of the digital transformation, companies need to reinvent themselves digitally. With increasingly accessible information, customers know what they want and when they want it.

Many sources confirm that today’s customer wants to be served right at the first contact, being fundamental that companies adopt agile and effective solutions to fulfill the mission. However, these solutions should be integrated and personalized to offer a positive experience that actually solves the customer’s problem.

According to Antimo Gentile, CEO of DNK Infotelecom, the clients have high expectations regarding the humanization of the service. Thus, understanding the consumer needs is fundamental for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Still, according to Gentile, “it is this strategic vision, focused on a humanized service and consumer satisfaction, along cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team that will contribute to the success of a business”, he concludes.

Benefits of humanized service.

Good customer service is fundamental in any kind of business. When purchasing a product or contracting a service, the client hopes to be served as a person and not as a source of revenue.

This way, providing a humanized service makes companies understand their clients as whole and which are the best solutions that your service has to offer to them.

Besides that, when showing a personalized support to each client, he will understand that his difficulties will be remedied in the best possible way and that the service will be treated with individuality. This individuality will be fundamental when it comes to building customer loyalty.

Building customer loyalty is important not only for him to continue acquiring the services of a company, but also so that he strengthens the business image and that the service team becomes a great ally in customer retention.

We can conclude, thus, that the importance of investing in a humanized service consists, mostly, of showing respect to the client and showing him that the relationship’s team is there to help him in whatever he needs.

DNK is number one in humanized service solutions.

Aligned with the latest market trends and needs, the DNK offers the best solutions of humanized and smart service for call centers and contact centers. Between them are the Audible Response Unit (IVR).

Trend since the 90s, the IVR is considered today as a “Flagship” in the relationship between companies and customers. The IVR solution is about an intelligent call routing system for certain teams or departments. This solution reduces service costs and speeds up contact with customers.

With an excellent price, the DNK’s IVR is humanized, modern, personalized and proactive, focused on satisfying and better serving the new era consumers at all service points.

Besides that, the IVR provided by DNK counts with constant innovations and improvements in data storage and smart modules. This way, guarantees an increasingly personalized, efficient and human service, being one of the great secrets for customer satisfaction.

Just like the IVR, all the solutions provided by the company are customizable according to the needs of each client. Besides that, the DNK constantly conducts satisfaction surveys to improve even more their service, based on the opinion of its customers.  

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