The DNK IVR is a modern, personalized and proactive IVR for consumers of the new era. Conceived by DNK to serve a market niche that seeks quality and a competitive cost / benefit ratio, combined with a high level of professionalism in the provision of services and after-sales support.

The URA DNK allows to create flexible voice applications that interact with the customer through telephone keys and / or voice recognition, allowing them to obtain information and perform self-services quickly.

URA DNK integrates with CRM, stores the history and context of the relationship with the customer. You can set up a personalized navigation, bringing a better customer experience, simplifying interaction and facilitating the use of IVR.

What sets our IVR apart from others

  • Call Flow: A versatile development framework allows great flexibility to the applications created in this model.
  • IVR Simulator: Allows, on any computer equipped with multimedia, to simulate the application of IVR, assisting in the development and validation
  • Integration with the main PABXs / DACs in the market
  • Call Recording Feature
  • Ease of integration with customer systems and access to different databases
  • Multi-Tenant: The same IVR port can serve different applications
  • Complete Management System completely Web, with analytical and summarized view of calls and navigation
  • Real-time dashboard: provides a managerial view of the entire URA DNK system platform

Additional IVR modules

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