Parceria entre DNK e Autopass permite que idosos solicitem e emitam o cartão BOM Sênior via Whatsapp, promovendo maior comodidade em tempos de pandemia.

It is not something new that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic impacted several markets and accelerated companies’ digitalization.

To continue doing business during the social isolation period, it was necessary that companies not only made themselves present in the online environment, but also rethink the entire customer journey, expanding the options for service channels.

In the urban mobility area, this need was no different. Surveys from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) confirm that a large part of the population of Latin American cities depend on public transport to get around in the midst of the pandemic. The survey counted with around 33 thousand respondents of the main metropolitan regions of the region and concluded that public transport is indispensable for 54.6% of them.

Only in São Paulo city – largest metropolitan region in Brazil – 73.3% of respondents use public transport at least once a week.

With the pandemic advance, many municipalities decreed lockdown and/or red phase. Thus, many Poupatempo stations were closed, making it impossible to provide face-to-face service to customers of the BOM card (Bilhete Ônibus Metropolitano), an electronic transport card that operates on the intercity bus lines in the 39 municipalities of São Paulo.

To help the BOM card customer service during the pandemic, the AutoPass S/A, electronic ticketing company, counted with DNK’s help, a company specialized in services and solutions for call centers and contact centers, to promote to these clients a simple, agile and uncomplicated digital service via WhatsApp.

BOM Card: Digital service is fundamental to serve the consumer’s needs in times of social isolation

BOM card clients already had the option of several services on the Omnichannel DNK solution’s online platforms. However, coverage was not yet complete.

The issuance of the BOM Senior Card, for passengers over 65 years old, was also another process that demanded special attention.

The card solicitation was only made face-to-face and required several documents. Due to the red phase of the coronavirus pandemic, the situation of the BOM Senior card started to become even more delicate, once that the population with more than 65 years is considered a risk public. Besides that, many of them are still not used to the use of digital channels.

In this scenario, it became urgent to find a solution so that the process of issuing the electronic transport card could respond in an agile, uncomplicated and satisfactory way – even from a distance – the needs of consumers already used to digital and those who are still in the adaptation phase.

This solution, by itself, was the evolution of the BOM Card digital service with the option of service via WhatsApp. The messaging application is the favorite for most part of Brazilians (76%) to interact with companies, according to data from the “Messaging in Brazil” survey.

The BOM Card service via WhatsApp helps the urban mobility market and reinforce the need of omnichannel to improve the CX

In front of this atypical scenario of social isolation, investments in omnichannel solutions have become tendency to serve the need of strengthen the relationship between companies and their clients, bringing online and in person closer together and having as focus a tripod composed by: keeping the service’s quality and delivery, offering a wide and humanized service and improving the customer experience (CX).

Digital channels have become, on many times, the main, if not the only, communication medium between the client and the company, and an important link to keep the service in times of crisis.

Besides that, the acceleration of technological advances – boosted by the aggravation of the pandemic – allowed companies to automate their processes, especially those considered repetitive and time consuming. So, the adoption of digital tools allowed a more personalized, agile and efficient service.

During the social isolation, DNK and AutoPass S/A continued working together to serve the BOM Card clients with maximum readiness and security, offering innovative solutions in order to elevate the consumer experience and offer excellent results.

Aware of the importance of public transport service for the population, the Omnichannel DNK solution for customer service of the BOM Card was launched in July 2020. The solution now provides customer relationship channels using the most modern technologies. Among them, the following stand out: Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, IVR (Audible Response Unit) with self-service, real-time chat, and traditional channels such as telephones and emails.

Customers of the BOM Card, who already had the option of services on the online platforms, were notified that, if they needed assistance, they could access the online platforms supported by the Omnichannel DNK solution, since locomotion and face-to-face assistance are not recommended during the pandemic.

Working to facilitate passenger mobility and make the customer experience more and more satisfying, in October 2020 the service for BOM Card customers via WhatsApp was launched on the Omnichannel DNK platform. The BOM customer service has become even more agile and accessible, including an Artificial Intelligence BOT that works 24 hours a day. This BOT is able to cancel duplicate cards, request new cards, get directions and other services.

BOM Senior card issuance via WhatsApp reinforces care for the elderly

Continuing this mission, now with a special look for the elderly and the difficulties of the face-to-face service generated by the pandemic, in February this year the service for issuing the BOM Senior Card by BOT WhatsApp was made available on the Omnichannel DNK platform.

Through this new resource, clients over 65 years old can request the Senior Card without leaving their houses, with the commodity of delivery to the customer residence. This service is also available via chat, both with 24-hour service every day.

This is another initiative of the partnership DNK and Autopass S/A that demonstrates the care in having the customer always at the center of decisions.

The service treated by the BOT receives client’s data and photos, identification documents and proof of residence directly via the WhatsApp channel or via chat.

Taking into consideration the target audience and the possible difficulties in using this type of technology, great care was taken with the design and usability of the resource, in order to make it as intuitive as possible.
If the client finds any difficulty in using the BOT self-service, what happens in few cases, the contact is forwarded to the human chat, where the agent has access to the entire history of the customer’s conversation with the BOT, being able to continue the service without interruptions.

How to issue the BOM Card Senior via WhatsApp?

To request the Bom Card Senior via WhatsApp, customers simply add the number +55 (11) 3888-2200 to their phone books, open the messaging application and send a message to the BOT.

To start using the service, it will be necessary to inform the CPF and communicate that they wish to acquire the BOM Card Senior.

For registration, it is necessary to inform: ID and CPF, proof of address, birth date, full name, address and email.
After, the customer must send a photo holding their ID or CNH. It is worth remembering that the customer’s face should be really visible in the image. You must also send a photo of the front and back of the document, with legible data, and a proof of residence.

Lastly, the client must send a profile picture with good quality because this will be the photo in the card.
Shipping to the address informed will take place within 6 working days. It is noteworthy that the service via
WhatsApp works 24 hours a day and sending the 1st copy of the card is free.

DNK wins the 2021 SMART CUSTOMER Award with a successful business case about issuing the BOM Senior via WhatsApp

The result of the service via WhatsApp was a self-service issue of the 1st copy of the BOM Senior card, which was very intuitive, accompanied by several guidelines for the customer, making navigation easy and breaking the barriers to the use of technology.

The BOM Card service project in DNK’s omnichannel platform is already a success and has been presenting excellent results.

The adhesion to the WhatsApp channel has evolved since its launch until today. In October 2020, the volume of messages exchanged between customers of the BOM Card and the Omnichannel platform’s BOT was around 350 thousand to 1.5 million messages exchanged per month. With the launch of the sale of the QRCode Digital Ticket, in partnership with Autopass S/A, the volume of messages on the WhatsApp channel increased to 2.1 million messages exchanged per month, more than 6 times the initial amount.

In terms of the performance of the Omnichannel DNK platform BOT, it has shown a high level of resolution. DNK constantly monitors its performance, performing curation activities, aiming at the continuous improvement of this channel. The BOT started with a retention rate of 63%, which means that it can solve 63% of contacts without the need to transfer to human chat. Today, this retention rate is 82%, showing a gain of 19 percentage points.

The great success, in its turn, registered one more victory in the long-standing partnership between DNK and Autopass S/A.

Through the case “The attention in the elderly during the pandemic, the case of the 1st issue of the BOM Senior card in the WhatsApp service BOT”, DNK is champion in the “Customer Experience Automation” category of the 2021 SMART CUSTOMER Award, promoted by Smart Customer.

The online award will be broadcast live on Tuesday, August 24, from 8 pm to 10 pm, via the Smart Customer website.
DNK was already recognized by the market and awarded by their solutions and successful cases. The company is champion in the “Best self-service solution” category, through the URA DNK, in the XXI Modern Consumer and winner of the silver trophy in the 2020 Client SA Award, in the “Leader in Innovation Strategy” category, in partnership with a client.

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