Em entrevista para a Call Center Magazine, Ântimo Gentile Filho afirmou que o teletrabalho permitirá maior inclusão de profissionais de atendimento.

Call Center Magazine interviewed Antimo Gentile Filho, CEO of DNK infotelecom, to share his perception of how the company sees the customer service sector this year and how he adapted to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

DNK Infotelecom was founded in November 2007 and operates in the development and supply of digital solutions for contact centers.

The company has national and multinationals companies in its client’s portfolio, but also smaller companies. It has an omnichannel product offering, composed of URA/IVR with total management, among other features


How has DNK sought to differentiate itself in the market?

In the service area, we act in a consultative way aiming at the continuous improvement of the service processes. There is a team totally focused on this vertical that has shown itself to be more important every day. The companies certainly count with specialist professionals to apply the BPM methodologies for continuous improvement inside the contact centers, but by rule it is not the focus, it is not the business. It makes much more sense to outsource this service to those who breathe the solutions.

We also work hard to develop on demand solutions. Some clients even joke that we should get credit for the solution idea. In reality, many suggestions come from clients and our role is to put them into practice.

The cake is still the same, but the ants increase exponentially every day


What are the company’s differentials?

I always tell my team that “the cake is still the same, but the ants increase exponentially every day”. It is a reference to the number of companies on the market with similar offers. That’s why we have to differentiate. We fought hard to become a true boutique of solutions and service. We treat the client in an impeccable way, no matter the size of the company.

And not to mention the fact that, as a national company, we have in some occasions the bombing of the big multinationals. Is that old maxim, “you bought from a multinational and everything went wrong, nobody gets fired. You bought from a small national company and went wrong, half of the IT and operation area is fired”. That makes us work more intensely every day.


Many contact centers companies have had to adapt their ways of working due to the pandemic. What was the strategy adopted by DNK to deal with this new reality?

The remote work has always delighted me. The difficulties of a large city, especially in mobility, took me to question why it was so slow the change in the legislation aiming at the approval of remote work. DNK offers products adapted to remote work. They are complete service solutions, omnichannel, as well as information monitoring and security. I dare say that we had no difficulty in adopting this model at the company and at our clients. The issue of information security is extremely important, since employees often work from home sharing the use of desktops. Our strategy was showing to the clients how easy it is to implement the tools.

 Today, with the “cloud”, the investment is really small and the return very big, thanks to the variety of channels that the clients relate to the companies.


What were the biggest challenges seen during this period?

I believe that the biggest challenge was to prove to our clients the safety of a remote operation, in the cloud. But, even with the challenges, the result was really satisfactory.


There are studies that show that teleworking should continue in many contact centers companies. In your opinion, is this work model viable?

In my opinion it is really viable. And I say more, the teleworking will allow the inclusion of many professionals in the service area with a huge potential. It is experienced people, a more mature audience, who may even be better paid due to the great economy in infrastructure that the large centrals will have.  

Besides that, the offer of cloud services provided a great opportunity for companies of any size to benefit themselves from the most modern in terms of technology and solutions.  

In the past, the cost involved in purchasing products was prohibitive. Only banks and big corporations could give themselves the lux of having service customers centrals automatized. Today, with the cloud, the investment is very small and the return really big, thanks to the variety of channels that the clients relate to the companies.

The pandemic helped, but I don’t believe that our result is just because of that.


The COVID-19 pandemic also changed the client’s habits. What solutions did DNK looked to develop to improve the client experience?  

See, in technical terms, we have a complete tool at the customer’s disposal. He can communicate with the companies with which he has a relationship to any voice channel or digital. What many times fail in the interaction customer x company is the little invest in the process’s analysis, in the continuous improvement of all channels, and also in the human service. It is that history: The problem is always from the IVR or from who answers. But when a process analysis is done, we check that many times not the IVR or even who answered has the answers to the client’s questions. At this moment, we have to go deeper in the operation, empower customers, provide them with information that sometimes are not given due to the lack of construction of processes in the database.


What are the sector expectations in 2021?

The prospects for 2021 are great. We had our better year in 2020 with many customers won and a jump in billing. The pandemic helped, but I don’t believe that our result is just because of that. It is a work that has been done for 13 years, winning the trust and the respect from companies. 


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