Satisfaction Survey

The DNK Satisfaction Survey is a high-level solution for evaluating customer service from the customer’s point of view (“Voice of the Customer”).

The DNK Satisfaction Survey makes it possible to know your customer’s opinion about the service he received, gathering important information to improve customer satisfaction and the operational processes of the call center.

It allows the customer to record a voice message and proactively send a notification with this message so that the responsible area can act quickly.

Main features

  • The solution makes it possible to record the customer’s message, via audio or text, according to the notes given by the Customer and defined business rules.
  • When the customer leaves a message, the solution sends notification to the area responsible by e-mail or SMS, or it can transfer the call to a specialist group
  • Fully customizable questions
  • Can be carried out via Voice and / or SMS channels
  • Full management and analytical reports
  • Allows association of customer and service data with the survey

Main Benefits

Profitability Increase

The identification of Satisfied Clients and / or Advocates makes it possible to understand what can be replicated in terms of service and processes, which generates greater customer loyalty and increased profitability.

Boost in Operational Efficiency

The use of the Satisfaction Survey in the performance management of operators makes it possible to capture unique insights, bringing inputs for training and process improvement actions, in addition to streamlining feedback to operators.

Improvement of NPS or CSAT

The results obtained with the DNK Satisfaction Survey can be used to develop and execute action plans in order to quickly impact and improve the NPS and / or CSAT indexes.

Customer Experience Improvement

By offering the customer the opportunity to leave a message and act quickly in the analysis of potential friction, the customer experience improves significantly. In addition, the analysis of the evaluations of the attendants allows the adjustment of behaviors, also impacting on the improvement of the customer experience.

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