Para que empresas saibam maximizar o potencial do Speech Analytics ao investir na ferramenta, algumas práticas devem ser levadas em consideração.

Speech Analytics is a powerful tool that helps centrals of customer service to analyze relevant data that was recorded during the call.
Thanks to its high level of precision, as well with the great speed of the client intelligence provided, the Speech Analytics is a fundamental tool for companies that wish to have a performance improvement, retain and elevate the customer experience and improve business.
However, despite the speech analyzing providing a series of benefits and being fundamental for companies to understand the consumer perception regarding their brand, product or service, many don’t understand the real importance of investing in the solution.

How to potentialize the customer service with the Speech Analyze?

For companies understand the real value of the Speech Analytics and how to maximize your potential when invested in the tool, some practices must be taken into account:

1. Define Objectives:

Many business leaders often invest in Speech Analytics solutions to obtain a better understanding of how the customer relationship department is working in relation to certain performance indicators (KPIs).
To determine which indicators are better adapted to each case, setting objectives is the first step for many companies to start their speech analysis journey.
From such practice, leaders and agents can better understand which points should be optimized to offer, beyond a quality attending, even better products and solutions, attending, in that way, the consumers expectations.

2. Internal alignment and task distribution:

After companies set their objectives, it is important that leaders and decision-makers are aware of how the speech analysis will contribute to achieving these goals.
To that, making a report that highlights the benefits of the Speech Analytics, better insights and which were the best performances that made possible a 360° vision of the customer journey, can be an excellent ally.
Besides that, leaders and agents must be aligned about the task division so that everyone can dedicate themselves to their tasks and respond better to the high demand of calls.

3. KPIs decision:

As the name suggests, the performance indicators serve to determine the performance of certain factors.
We have many KPIs that can be used to monitor and follow the Speech Analytics progress. Some examples are: Waiting Time, Resolution Rate, Client Satisfaction and Answer Rate.
It is worth mentioning that the performance indicators to be analyzed by each company will depend on the objectives defined on the first step so that they are met in the long term.

4. Team selection and training:

For the implementation of the Speech Analytics software to work correctly, it is essential that the agents know how to operate the tool.
To that, investing in training and engaging teams it is extremely important for them to identify trends and improvements, and understand how the solution will benefit them in their work routines.
It is worth remembering that motivated and satisfied employees produce up to 50% more, according to a survey made by Right Management and released by the portal Revista Varejo Brasil.

5. Supplier selection:

The speech analysis is as important and in constant evolution as the business of a company.
Every company that cherries itself wants to have a complete analysis of their clients, independent of the omnichannel attending channel that they choose to contact.
With a highly competitive market, it is essential to choose solutions of trustworthy suppliers that present a great cost-benefit. These solutions must be effective and capable of, automatically, transcribing, organizing and punctuating all conversations so that they can be easily searched and have both language and keywords and feelings quickly identified.

6. Action committee:

The data collected by the Speech Analysis will only be valuable if companies know how to enjoy them and in a way that does not disrespect the recently enforced General Law on Protection of Personal Data (LGPD).
For that, it is necessary that companies make an Action Committee that understands the Law and knows to analyze and identify which client trends that affect the achievement of the objectives set and possible improvements.
Naming an Action Committee will be also valuable for leaders to improve their relationships with employees. Employees tend to trust more in their colleagues and are more receptive to the process of changes that they recommend.

7. Create and follow processes:

Establishing and following processes is the key for the good working of a Speech Analysis solution.
This way, it is advisable to constantly review procedures before running the Speech Analytics tool.
After implemented, it is fundamental to guarantee that leaders and agents fulfill their responsibilities to achieve the objectives defined by the company as soon as possible.

8. Findings and Actions Report:

The communication of each and every company should be as fluid as possible for the good functioning of the business.
Agents, leaders and collaborators must be always aligned, being fundamental to constantly schedule meetings and share reports of new actions and discoveries with everyone involved.
Besides align strategies, the practice is an excellent way of keeping the team engaged, hearing feedback and brainstorming.

9. Gradually expand:

The data captured by Speech Analytics are not exclusive to just one area of the company.
Many collected information can contribute to the improvement of others internal departments.
When finding ways to improve the performance of more than one internal department, the value aggregate to the Speech Analytics tool becomes even bigger.

10. Elevate the CX (Customer Experience):

Create a positive experience for the client is the key to build a successful business.
Understanding the client’s needs before he gives up on a determined brand and search for the concurrent will help to create an unforgettable and satisfying experience for the customer.
Speech Analytics is the best option to capture keywords and understand what the client wishes. The solution saves agents time and aggregates value through customer loyalty.

DNK is number one in service solutions with Speech Analytics

DNK offers omnichannel solutions for Call Center and Contact center, being specialized in the development of high-performance products, solutions and services for companies in the area.
The use of last generation technology together with a team of experienced professionals, leads DNK to constantly innovate to transform the clients and partners experience with their consumers.
DNK cherishes excellence in customer service, providing its partners tools and platforms with innovative functions, customizable and speech recognizing.
Besides that, the company constantly realizes satisfaction surveys to increasingly improve their service, based in the opinion of their clients.
With DNK’s products and services, customer service is realized through an omnichannel integrated platform, which connects all the service channels (WhatsApp, voice, web, chat and others) with quick information and customers data recovery, in a way that offers a complete and satisfactory service to manage the customer journey with differentiate results.
The company is recognized by the market and awarded for solutions and successful cases. Champion of the “Best self-service Solution” category in the XXI Modern Consumer Award and winner of the silver trophy in Client SA 2020 Award in the category “Leader in Innovation Strategy”, in partnership with a client, DNK understands that a well-attended customer is the secret for the successful of the attendance.

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