Para dar continuidade aos negócios durante a pandemia do coronavírus, o foco em CX é tendência e mostra-se cada vez mais crucial.

It is not something new that the year of 2020 was marked by transformations caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) global outbreak.

To continue business and adapt themselves to the new consumption habits, companies migrated to digital and saw themselves obligated to optimize their customer service areas.

However, despite adaptations in service, the focus on customer experience (CX) is a trend and proves to be increasingly crucial for business.    

Customer service: companies that invest on technologies focused on CX stand out from the competition.

According to the “2021 Customer Experience Trends Global Report”, the focus on CX proves to be increasingly essential to ensure the success of customer service.

Besides that, the report concluded that the most successful companies are those that invest in new technologies capable of improving and speeding up the service time.

The data above concluded by the survey show themselves even more relevant in Latin America, that presents an increase of 44% in the callings for support since the beginning of pandemic. It is worth mentioning that this increase corresponds to a value above any other global region.  

Consumers and companies consider CX more important now than it was in 2019, according to research.

Another data aborded by the research talks about what took companies to adopt technologies capable of improving customer service and, consequently, improve the customer experience.

According to the research, 84% of the interviewees in which they belong to the group of technology decision makers in Latin America claimed that the coronavirus accelerated the adoption of technologies in their companies. Between the reasons for such acceleration are: streamline the operation (94%), offer multiple channels of customer service (94%) and management data-driven operations (93%).

In the case of Brazil, 76% of consumers claimed to care more with CX now than in 2019, while 88% of companies also agreed that prioritizing the consumer needs became even more important – numbers well above the global average (50% and 63%, respectively).

It is worth reminding that only 11% of Brazilians are satisfied with the quality of the service provided.

It is evident, so, the importance of companies investing on technologies and omnichannel integrated solutions to offer an unforgettable and satisfactory service for the consumer during all his purchase and post purchase journey.

Guidelines for companies to ensure exceptional CX in customer service.

Experts highlight that, in order to continue business, companies have been obligated to adapt in many ways previously unimaginable.

With the consumer experience as a priority, implementing correct strategies becomes fundamental to satisfy them and guarantee excellence in both services and business.

In that way, the survey had resulted in guidelines capable of helping companies in front of this new normal, focused on CX.

1. Stay ahead of the digital curve

According to the report, companies are implementing new technologies increasingly fast. The rule is: adapt yourself or stay behind.

9 of 10 Latin American companies interviewed claimed that the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation process and the investment on new technologies. Of these, 70% reported that the adoption of new technologic solutions duplicated in relation to the same consultancy made in 2020.

Besides that, the report concluded that while the organizations are investing in consumers, they prioritize a fluid and integrated omnichannel service, security, agility, collaboration tools and the digital workplace.

2. Be part of a more interactive world

While the consumers adopt new behavioral habits, the increased popularity of messengers expands the opportunities for more dynamic relationship experiences.

84% of Brazilians had tried new channels to contact companies in 2020, as the survey concludes. Of these, 46% contacted support through messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

The adoption of digital channels became fundamental in customer service and grew significantly during the pandemic, especially for services through social medias (+151%), Chat (+133%) and WhatsApp (+118%).

Please note the recent survey “Mensageria Brazil”, made on February 2020, which concluded that 76% of Brazilians utilize WhatsApp to contact companies.

Becomes clear, once more, the importance of digital channels and integrated omnichannel service to improve the CX.

3. Pay attention to the power of internal experience

With teams increasingly distributed due to the home office, makes it necessary that leaders rethink how to work better with each team.

It is essential to offer constant support and help to all agents during the new work model.

Tools of team management, as Workforce Management, also presents itself as excellent management allies when it comes to monitoring employee performance indicators and identifying possible optimizations.

4. Train teams and optimize the time of operations

Companies should pay attention to constant team training, in a way that agents can operate the tools correctly and, consequently, optimize the time of operations, streamline and personalize the customer service.

It is worth remembering that motivated and happy employees at their workplaces produces up to 50% more.

On Latin America, both leaders and agents on customer experience, mentioned as the biggest challenge in 2020, and priorities going forward, are capable of quickly adapting to the evolving needs of customers.

5. Make it easy for clients with focus on CX

The report also concluded that the greater access to digital channels puts pressure on companies to be digitally present in these environments.

As the client experience assumes a central role, your expectation is growing.

82% of Brazilian interviewed claimed that they would spend more with a company due the fact that she focuses on CX, especially if that means a fast and simplified online experience. In the same way that a good experience generates loyalty, for most Brazilians a single bad experience (74%) or more than one (83%) is enough to leave the brand – a number that remains consistent year by year.

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With DNK’s services and products, the customer service is provided through an integrated omnichannel platform, which connects all service channels (whatsapp, voice, web, chat and others) in a humanized way, with fast recovery of client’s information and data, in order to offer a complete and satisfactory management of the client journey with differentiated results.

The company is recognized by the market and awarded for solutions and successful cases. Champion of the “Best self-service Solution” category in the XXI Modern Consumer Award and winner of the silver trophy in Client SA 2020 Award in the category “Leader in Innovation Strategy”, in partnership with a client, DNK understands that a well-attended customer is the secret for the successful of the attendance.


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