Offering more than call distribution, intelligent URA optimizes service and enhances the omnichannel consumer experience.

We can’t deny the fact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic reaffirmed the importance of the digital as a differential to guarantee companies’ competitiveness in a period where the consumer is increasingly demanding, multi-connected and immediate.

However, even with technology increasingly present in the consumers routine, they still prefer a humanized service and by phone. Surveys revealed that even with the digital transformation, the phone continues to be the favorite relationship channel for 60% of consumers.

In face of this context, the IVR (Interactive Voice Response), also known as intelligent electronic service, shows itself as an excellent option of relationship channel. The solution combines Artificial Intelligence and Humanization, providing a personalized and omnichannel service to the customer.

IVR: electronic service is a bet to improve the consumer’s experience

Surveys revealed that 85% of entrepreneurs consider customer service important when questioned about the reasons that take the consumer to buy and relate with a brand.

Other sources suggest that more than half (50%) of consumers believe that memorable experiences are made of easily findable information and help.

Trend since the 90s, the IVR is considered the “flagship” in the relationship between companies and their customers. It is an intelligent call routing system for certain teams or departments.

With technological innovations in data storage and intelligent modules for continuous improvement, the IVR allows an increasingly personalized, agile, efficient and human electronic service, being the big bet of companies that want to elevate the digital consumer experience (CX) and provide a satisfying and unforgettable journey.

Advantages of the IVR implementation in the customer service

Humanized and personalized service

A humanized IVR is capable of personalizing the service so that each consumer’s experience is unique and unforgettable.

When well implemented, the smart solution is capable of storing each customer’s useful data and interests in a service history. From this information, it is possible to understand what the customer wants and the best way for the company to solve their problem.

Another advantage of the personalized service from the IVR is the possibility of anticipating problems and solutions. By identifying and analyzing the customer profile, it is possible to identify possible bottlenecks in service and propose a solution as soon as possible.

A good example is when the customer is making a solicitation to the call center operator. In the call, he is informed that the scheduled technical visit did not take place. At first, the consumer did not know this, but the attendant promptly says the reason, such as heavy rain, and proposes a new date for scheduling.

It is worth highlighting that anticipating problems and solutions is an excellent way to win and retain the customer, since they have a problem solved promptly, even before they know it exists.

Improvement in the customer experience

The humanization in the service made through the IVR directly impacts the customer experience improvement.

According to the research “Beyond E-commerce: How to Personify the Consumer’s Digital Experience”, published by the Consumidor Moderno portal, just customizing the service is not enough to retain the customer.

Despite the many advantages of the digital, the consumers still wish to have the feeling of being talking with humans. It is also worth remembering that a humanized service strengthens the relationship between the client and the company and contributes to the creation of a bond of trust with them, and that the success of the service depends on an exceptional CX.

Thus, investing in IVR solutions starts to be fundamental to companies identifying the consumer needs and transmitting confidence through a humanized approach, contributing not only for the service experience to be satisfactory, but also for the consumer to feel free to go back to that company.

24h integrated service

A modern, smart and omnichannel IVR allows to connect all service channels offering an integrated service 24h per day.

From the moment that the Artificial Intelligence from the IVR stores customer information and service history in the database, all agents – human or robot – have easy access to the same information.

Therefore, the service can be initiated by phone and concluded by email, for example, without the customer having to open a new service protocol and at any time of day.

Queue management and reduction in Average Service Time

A big advantage of the IVR is the capacity of managing service queues.

This management is fundamental to companies and a modern IVR that has as a resource the callback can be really useful at this moment.

The callback returns not only the calls from the service queue, but from dropped calls and uncompleted transfers. Calls are made automatically and whenever an attendant is available. Thus, IVR ensures that no customer is left unattended.

Considering also that waiting for telephone assistance generates a bad experience for the consumer, a good IVR system is an excellent solution to prioritize this issue.

This is because it combines intelligence, personalized resources and technology. Therefore, can distribute the calls to the available lines. Thus, it is able to serve more people in less time, valuing the customer experience, who spend less time in waiting lines.

Automation of activities

One of the outstanding advantages that an IVR system can provide to companies – especially those in the call center and contact center – is the possibility of automating repetitive tasks within customer service.

For example, it is possible to use the IVR system similarly to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). While the recording guides the user between the available options, it already clarifies for him what services each feature offers.

In addition, it is possible to set specific announcements during the service operations. This is a fundamental resource for companies, once that the phone service is the relationship channel most used by the consumers. In case of situations such as general faults, for example, it is possible to inform the customer during recording and present the solution promptly.

Productivity increases

As a consequence of activities automation in the IVR, operators’ productivity is higher.

When automating repetitive tasks, operators can dedicate themselves to more urgent questions and reduce the waiting time for appointments that require more attention.

Analysis of the service quality

The IVR’s intelligent technology allows a satisfaction survey to be carried out at the end of each service.

Besides that, an efficient and complete IVR allows the emission of management reports in real-time.

From these feedbacks, it is possible to analyze the service quality and the company general panorama, the performance of call center operators and make possible improvements to optimize operations and enhance the customer experience.

Operational costs reduction

Reducing business costs and increasing the profit margin is one of the objectives of any business. An equilibrium between costs and financial returns allows companies to present more satisfactory economic results, in addition to contributing for brand growth. 

In addition to taking advantage of human capital for less operational routines, the IVR allows you to anticipate problem solutions by recording the Audible Response Unit, as mentioned above.

Models that offer management reports also contribute for operational costs reduction, once they help to identify the consumers behavior and map possible recurring problems.

DNK offers the best IVR solution in the market

Aligned with the market needs, the IVR DNK shows itself as the best solution for companies to achieve excellence in customer service.

With an excellent cost/benefit, the solution offered by DNK is complete and allows the creation of flexible voice applications capable of interacting with the customer through the telephone keys or by voice recognition, providing a more agile and quality service.

Smart and humanized, the IVR DNK avoids the customers waiting a long time in line to be attended, in addition to providing a personalized service that better serves them and their needs.

The intelligent platform integrates itself to the company’s database, storing the history and context of the customer relationship in the cloud. Thus, in addition to ensuring the security of internal and customer information, the IVR enables companies to relate to their customers via digital channels, satisfying the consumers of the new era.

The solution still allows the operations monitoring in real-time, through the emission of management reports. This way, leaders can evaluate the productivity and quality of the provided service.

DNK is recognized by the market and awarded for its solutions and successful cases Champion of the “Best Self-Service Solution (IVR)” category at the XXI Modern Consumer Award and silver trophy winner at the 2020 Client SA Award, in the “Leader in Innovation Strategy” category, in partnership with a client, DNK understands that a consumer well attended is the secret to the success of the service.

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