Virtual Agent

The Virtual Agent is a robot specialized in assisting its customer by phone that uses a linguistic approach combined with voice recognition technologies (ASR) to talk to the customer in a natural and engaging way in order to lead the customer to the objective for which it was designed.

The Virtual Agent is designed to assume a personality that best reflects the company it represents. This personality is built from a deep study on the values of the company and the target audience to be served, resulting in a voice and a way of speaking that reflects the company’s values in a unique way.

Because it is a customized solution to the needs of each client, the Virtual Agent can be adopted in different business scenarios.

Can be used in various business scenarios

  • Active billing with billing by email or SMS
  • Upgrade plan and / or additional service
  • Friendly Satisfaction Survey
  • Debt negotiation with payment proposal in installments

Main Benefits

Cost savings with operators

Elimination of problems (such as absenteeism)

Accuracy and assertiveness in customer service

Agility to speak to a large number of customers

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