Investir em treinamentos de chatbot constantes é essencial para garantir a eficácia da solução e atingir a excelência no atendimento ao cliente omnichannel.

A chatbot is a union of the words chat (talking)+bot (robot). In other words, it is about a smart solution where a robot “talks” through texts to interact with people.

Trend before and during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the solution is increasingly sought by companies that wish to offer a quality omnichannel service to their clients.

Through a specific schedule, the chatbot artificial intelligence identifies key-words and relates them with the most variety of customer requests. Afterwards, this is directed to the best service option.

This way, makes it fundamental to constantly invest in maintenance and training to guarantee the continuous effectiveness of the solution and provide the best experience for the customer.

Trained chatbot is fundamental for customer service efficiency.

A good training determines how the chatbot behaves and which types of misunderstandings or answers he could come to present.

However, for its training to be perfect, it is necessary to understand the consumer’s real needs and what (person, place, product or service) he is referring to.

To that, it is important to increase your knowledge base and build content so that your robot is ready to correctly deal with questions and requests that he receives, with minimal communication failures.

In that way, at every new request that the chatbot receives, your algorithm will make calculations to search for the correlation between the captured data and the information that he already has, providing the most adequate response and ensuring in addition to customer satisfaction, a service more humanized.    

Trained chatbot: How it works?

The first step to train a chatbot is to invest in intent assets. Besides prospering empathy, these skills help to strengthen the relationships between clients and companies and to quickly identify the customer’s needs.

Once that chatbot has achieved the expected objective, it needs to hear to entities to filter the information and extract those who are pertinent to answer the client’s needs.

After, it is necessary that the intelligent solution learns about its activities through data provided in the form of existing communication assets, like voice transcriptions or conversation samples.

After the assets are loaded, the chatbot will be on its experience period, needing to be alert for possible mistakes to correct them. To that, a professional expert of the area should realize a kind of Natural Language Processing, where standards data can be used to understand user input and bring immediate results to the company.

How to acquire the best content to train your robot?

The content to train your chatbot can be acquired in many ways. Between them, paying for available data on the web.

The internet has a huge content collection for the most diverse purposes. Thus, search for the ones who better fit the purposes of your company.

Another way is collecting company’s internal data. As closer to reality is the information, better will be the chatbot performance. Besides that, if the company’s call center has the interaction with clients filed, this data collection is even easier and practice to get to build a relevant data system to perform the functions to be exercised.

It is also possible to collect information from the interactions with the chatbot itself through the evaluation that the users give at the end of every service. This way, it is possible to realize a constant actualization of the application, keeping the service excellence and winning more and more customers through this channel.

DNK offers the best solutions on trained chatbot

Aligned with the latest trends on the market, DNK offers the best solutions of trained and intelligent chatbot to call centers and contact centers.

With the DNK’s Smart Bot it is possible to answer the client with integrations of app mobile, phone (IVR), SMS, chat, totem, web, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, social medias and email.

The software provided by the company uses this information to automatize and personalize the service processes, contributing, this way, to increase the client satisfaction and operational economy.

With DNK, the customer service is made through an integrated omnichannel platform, which connects all service channels, with information and client’s data fast recovery. 

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