Em uma era focada em satisfazer as necessidades do cliente, humanizar a experiência do consumidor digital faz-se fundamental.

The mass adoption of business transactions in the digital environment, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, brought new challenges to the companies. Between them, ensure that the digital consumer experience is humanized, satisfying and unforgettable.

This way, it becomes necessary that companies rethink their strategies and adopt new measures to captivate the customer and stand out from the competition.

Personalization of service will no longer be enough to guarantee customer loyalty, according to research.

Despite the numerous benefits of the digital environment, like coast reduction and practicality for the consumer, problems such as a gap between the business and the consumer may appear, according the research “Beyond E-commerce: How to Embody the Digital Consumer Experience”, released by the Consumidor Moderno portal.

According to the research, the e-commerce was just a place to make unidirectional transactions and now, it is necessary that companies learn to use these platforms to communicate and establish a relationship with customers.

The survey revealed that, along with Big Data and targeted marketing, the digital environments gave to the companies the possibility to provide a more personalized experience to the client. At first glance, this personalization might seem enough to elevate the digital consumer experience. However, providing only a personalized service is no longer enough to retain customers.

Experts explain that it is not because an experience is personalized that it becomes personal. After all, many times the consumer can perceive that he is communicating only with a machine. Such perception, in turn, can lead to a possible loss of affective bond between the customer and the brand, something decisive considering the fact that, with easy access to the internet existent today, there is a wide variety of businesses offering the same service.

Humanized service is fundamental to elevate the digital consumer experience.

Among the main lessons learned through the research, stands out the importance of personal and humanized approaches to captivate the client during all his purchase journey.

Thus, combining high performance technologies with the help of chatbots and human agents becomes an excellent strategy, so that the purchase process becomes effective and that the digital consumer is satisfactory.

In the process of discovering a brand, for example, a personal due diligence process can contribute to the consumer having a deeper understanding about a certain product or service. Such knowledge, in turn, it can be the determining factor for the customer to choose to make the purchase.

It is necessary to highlight that the humanized service can help not only in effecting the purchase, but also in the discovering of new demands that had not been noticed. Besides that, this individualized attention with the client should be extended to the post-purchase process, certifying the consumer satisfaction through requesting feedback.

It is worth reminding that it was already proven that customer service success depends on exceptional CX and that, today, the consumer experience has become even more important for 76% of Brazilians.

Soon, organizations that show concern for the customer contribute to the creation of a bond of trust with the customer. Besides that, a more personal post-purchase increases customer engagement and buyback.

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