Fundamental para mensurar o desempenho dos colaboradorese e a CX, o Workforce Management é ideal para alcançar a excelência no atendimento ao cliente.

Many companies focus their strategies on the customer experience (CX) to innovate and look for alternatives to expand their’ s profit.
Although fundamental to comply with the high expectations of modern customer and continue the business, mainly at a time surrounded by uncertainties brought by the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), focused initiatives on making the CX satisfactory and unforgettable only provide good results if there is information that helps to increase the employee’s performance.
A survey made by Right Management reveals that motivated employee’s produce up to 50% more and are happier in their workplaces, according to CIMM portal.
That way, investing in solutions of team’s management, like WorkForce Management (WFM) is an excellent way to engage employees and provide excellent customer service.

What Is WorkForce Management?

WorkForce Management is a tool that allows you to scale and to manage with maximum efficiency contact center’s operators.
This management, however, is realized through previsions and scenarios that consider different aspects. Between them: Demand, seasonality, turnover rate, necessary skills to each work shift and metrics of each employee.
With a wide choice of variables, the WFM is the ideal solution to streamline scale creation processes and obtain precision on scenario’s projecting, offering, so, balance in the operating result.
Besides that, the tool allows realize real-time performance evaluations, making comparison of the planned scenario and suggesting settings so the customer journey continues to be satisfactory.

Why invest in team’s management?

Contact centers and call centers are the sectors that need more implementation of a team’s management solution, considering the challenges of the segment.
Between the difficulties to manage a call center are the seasonality and the large number of calls received per service.
It is worth remembering that because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of calls per service increased by 44%, according to survey “Customer service in the pandemic ”, released by callcenter.inf.
Besides that, we should also consider the competencies of each operator in the formation of service teams.
To deal with so many different situations, companies that relate with their customers should be aware to offer a positive experience during the attendance, manager work shifts so the employees don’t get overwhelmed and also so that there is no idleness of the service at alternative time.
An error at this calculation can cause problems at a company’s clime and additional labor costs. This way, to avoid this kind of problem, the WorkForce Management is the ideal solution, once that independent of the working area of a work team, can measure, for example, the productivity of each employee, maximum ideal waiting time and possible bottlenecks in the system.
It makes it clear that for one company to have human capital performing at an excellence level, the manager needs reliable references to compare the ideal level with what his team is presenting.
The customer behavior should also be analyzed, both to guide processes and measure the customer’s satisfaction (CX). And, to do all that, it Is necessary to count with a WFM tool.

WorkForce Management: Benefits of team management for companies.

Besides measuring work scales with precision, the WorkeForce Management can contribute in many other aspects.

1. Hour Control:

WFM makes it possible to manage the fulfillment of working hours, breaks and other activities.
Through a performance and worked hours report, it is possible to realize the control of differentiated payments, according to the type of work and contract regime, so that everyone is properly remunerated.

2. Cost Reduction:

By creating a team dimensioning more faithful to the company’s needs, the tool prevents excessive spending on unnecessary resources, besides avoiding attendant lines that harm the service due to lack of staff.

3. Agents Satisfaction:

The improvement of agent’s satisfaction is one advantageous consequence of the benefits cited above.
Once the employees became aware of their work scale, they became more confident and internal conflicts were avoided.
Besides that, the capacity to measure each call center attending satisfaction related with its work scale is essential to avoid a considerable turnover rate.
Investing in motivational campaigns, gamification and improvements the organizational climate also helps to decrease the rotativity that, if not under control, can disturb the service’s quality and generate new recruitment’s, hiring and training costs.

4. Side Dish of Agent’s Performance:

Attendants of different sectors can not be evaluated with the same criteria and goals.
A SAC attendant, for example, can need more time to solve a demand than a telesales operator. Although, your Average Service Time (STA) performance compared to the others cannot discredit him.
With the WorkForce Management, such particularities are considered and the reports generated. Being filtered by the attendant or yet, of every operation, these docs will have only parameters that can qualify the performance of each employee and their skills.

5. Creation of atypical scenarios:

WFM allows the creation of atypical scenarios, like service’s instability, reduction of staff and unavailability of part of the operation.
These situations, unfortunately common at contact centers, allow that leaderships create emergency’s plans to avoid bigger problems.

6. Positive change at the client’s perception about a company:

With consumers becoming more and more connected and immersed in a digital environment, companies need to invest not only in publicity, but also in CX analysis.
In the age of social media, a complaint can go viral in a matter of seconds. Today, the potential of the damage of an unhappy customer is much greater than decades ago. Therefore, Customer Experience should be taken seriously.
WFM manages the team’s workforce and so that, in last analysis, this rationalization of the workforce is reflected in the quality of customer service.
Excellent work and people management is the driving force to increase a company’s customer portfolio and strengthen its credibility in the market.

DNK offers WFM solutions with total possibility of customization

To meet the expectations of the modern consumer, DNK Infotelecom innovates once again and is proud to offer its own Workforce Management tool, with full customization possibilities
DNK offers omnichannel solutions for Call Center and Contact center, being specialized in the development of high-performance products, solutions and services for companies in the area.
The use of last generation technology together with a team of experienced professionals, leads DNK to constantly innovate to transform the clients and partners experience with their consumers.
DNK cherishes excellence in customer service, providing its partners tools and platforms with innovative and customizable functions to guarantee an unforgettable and satisfactory experience.
The WFM DNK makes it possible to manage work scales and shifts. Following the digital transformation movement, prevents labor liabilities, absenteeism, turnover and the employee dissatisfaction.
In view of the numerous benefits of WFM DNK, real-time updating is highlighted, presenting decentralized data and avoiding errors in payment amounts and internal communication failures.
The DNK’s workforce management also provides feedback in real time so the manager can see all the compliances details and offers flux to day-off requests with pre-programmed period. Has also automatic generation of days off; parameterization of ideal scale and helps to solve the preference day-off conflicts, with a unified channel to request to change shifts and day-off and distribution of hours per employee.
The solution also points to the employees of the chosen scale and the calculation of assigned hours, has the option of monthly navigation of the professional’s absence record, publication of work schedule, customizable grid with blocking of vacancies, planned shift, among other resources and possibilities.

The WFM DNK offers the market’s best cost benefit and your last generation technology allows total customization of data stored in the cloud, besides total connectivity and integration of legacy systems.
According to Antimo Gentile, CEO of DNK infotelecom, the work management tool will be essential to the Brazilian Market.
“What we have seen are international platforms, with prohibitive costs and little capacity of customization. Through our WorkForce Management solution, DNK is able to provide the best WFM solution of the Brazilian market to every company that needs effective control of their teams. Be it a contact center, a financial institution, an insurance company or other types of business”, He claimed.

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