Find out, according to the CEO of DNK, Ântimo Gentile, which are the best KPIs for customer-focused IT.

In an era where putting the customer in the center of everything is fundamental to keep the business competitive, investing KPIs for IT is fundamental.

According to Antimo Gentile, CEO of DNK Infotelecom, it is not about only the quality of the provided service or product anymore. It is about the total experience, that should be memorable and positive.

The expert, who has more than 40 years of experience in the Informatics and Telecommunication fields, explains that the customer-centralization is about the way companies make the customer feel during all its journey with the brand, from the initial consideration, until the purchasing and after the product or service is delivered.

In this sense, Gentile highlights that KPIs for customer-focused IT can be excellent allies.

“Any kind of technology that helps to provide positive experiences for the customer is in the center of a customer-focused IT. That said, knowing how to measure the impact of these technologies for the customer experience through KPIs is fundamental”.

Top 7customer-focused KPIs

1. Products/services adoption rate

According to Gentile, it does not matter how wonderful a product or service seems to be during its planning and developing stages. If customers buy it and do not use it, it’s doomed to fail.

“Products/services adoption rate is an excellent KPI for customer-focused IT, once it reveals the number of customers that really uses a product or service to achieve its objectives”, explains DNK’s CEO.

Gentile continues: “The adoption of products is important, because when users fully adopt a solution, they tend to stay and purchase updates, upgrades, and add-on offers. The daily, weekly, and monthly metrics of an active user can be very useful early indicators of the future impact of your solution.”

2. Time to value

According to Gentile, time to value is one of the IT KPIs that measure how long a company takes to deliver a satisfactory result to its customers.

It is the ability of providing the right data to the call center operator, to the seller or to the customer, at the right moment, with the right context and content, that means, it is about driving your business toward efficiency and effectiveness through customer-centric design.”

The expert explains that an acceptable return time depends on the company type and how it is managed.

“A computer company, for example, will have different expectations than a supermarket company. Each TI team needs to customize which experiences are appropriate and adjust its technologies and data to generate a great experience “

3. Customer request resolution time

In Gentile’s view, it is always a good idea to monitor the average time that a customer service center takes to solve a customer request.

“Although customer-focused IT is a more recent field, it is easy to draw parallels with its predecessor: contact centers. Both features essentially provide a self-service, with the customer-focused IT just simplifying the process”. 

Gentile continues: “The traditional IT is focused on systems that allow organizations to better serve their customers. With customer-focused IT, this changes into systems that directly interact with customers. As more and more users interact with websites, chatbots or other automations, the need for a strong and customer-focused IT is bigger than ever”.

4. Customer Effort Score (CES)

According to Gentile, the Customer Effort Score (CES) shows the energy that customers spend interacting with a company and their systems to solve a problem, answer a request or buy or return a product. 

“The CES is one of the IT KPIs that indicates fidelity. This measurement is relatively fast and easy to evaluate. Besides that, it is easy to implement in many services and researching channels”, says Gentile.

Gentile explains that the CES directly correlates to business results and is easy to track over multiple time periods.

“The Customer Effort Score is extremely necessary to determine if you are building Customer-focused systems. Companies hope to interact with other companies as customers do, and this requires low-touch user experiences and results that are delivered quickly. It is fundamental that companies completely understand their customers’ business to obtain a holistic view of all elements that impacts these businesses”.

5. Customer satisfaction rate

The customer satisfaction rate is a basic indicator of the general customer service and the product or service quality. This feedback also shows how the organization’s technologies are serving the company’s objective of providing to the customers a quality experience.

According to Gentile, the feedback is the most valuable customer survey that a company can make. According to DNK’s CEO “understanding the customer’s wishes and needs, how and when they prefer to interact and which channels they need to access is fundamental for business success”.

The professional also explains that as customers’ needs evolve, companies also need to evolve.

“We know that we got it right when our customers say it to us through their actions and words”.

6. Customer retention rate

According to Gentile, the customer retention rate is a decisive indicator to determine how well a company and its systems are engaging customers. 

“Repeated businesses show that your brand is connecting with its customers in a frictionless way”., says Gentile. “Technology is quickly evolving. That said, customers hope that the omnichannel support also evolves through a robust technology strategy”. 

DNK’s CEO explains that as the systems evolve, customers are becoming increasingly indifferent in their interactions.

“Nowadays, everything is digital and companies need to have a customer-focused strategy that meets these expectations, even if your sector has not historically been technology-enabled.”

7. Likely referral rate

The Likely Referral Rate is one of the customer-focused IT KPIs that measures the percentage of customers that are willing to recommend a product or service to other people.

“The Likely Referral Rate seeks human feedback about how positive was their experience with a service or product”, explains Gentile.

“IT leaders need to be compromised with looking to understand the user experience in a real way and projecting scenarios in order to optimize it”.

In Gentile’s opinion, customer-focused IT systems need to be built with human-centered design principles, looking first for the user experience and then reimagining how technology can be better leveraged at every step of the customer journey.

“The director also highlights that the most insightful customer-focused IT KPIs are the ones that an IT leader can measure and act in a quantifiable way.

“Which KPIs are the most relevant will depend on your business. For IT, finding these KPIs requires understanding the main moments of the customer journey, prioritizing these moments for the overall value of the business, and identifying where the technology is having an impact”, he concludes.

DNK is the number one in customer-focused solutions

Aligned with the market trends and needs, DNK offers the best solutions for Call Center and Contact Center, being specialized in the development of high-performance products, solutions and services for companies in the area.

The use of last generation technologies together with a team of experienced professionals, took DNK to constantly innovate to transform the experience of customers and partners with their consumers.

DNK cherishes excellence in customer service, providing their partners with tools and platforms with innovative and customizable functions and KPIs for IT that report in real time and with a user-centric design, in order to guarantee a satisfactory and unforgettable Customer Experience.

With DNK’s products and services, customer service is made through an integrated omnichannel platform, which connects all service channels (WhatsApp, voice, web, chat, among others) with fast customer’s data and information recovery, in order to provide a complete and satisfactory management of customer journey with differentiated results, maximum security and in compliance with the standards required by the LGPD.

The company is recognized by the market and awarded by its solutions and successful cases. Winner of the “Best Self-service Solution” category in the XXI Modern Customer Award and champion of the silver trophy at the 2020 Cliente SA Award, in the “Leader in Innovation Strategy” category, in partnership with a customer, DNK understands that a well-served customer is the secret to successful service.

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